What duo makes for the best travel, bath, and sleep companions? Teddyy Diapers’ anti-leak changing mats and wet-wipes. Your 24×7 hygiene partners!

Changing Mats thumb 2

Teddyy Changing Mats

60 x 60

Soft and spongy top with a leak-proof backsheet. Ridges on the surface help conduct and quickly absorb leaks. Anti-bacterial with built-in smell-block technology.

Nappy Pads thumb 1

Teddyy Nappy Pads

One size

Cottony soft, anti-bacterial Teddyy nappy pads are the best replacement for the traditional cloth nappy. Stick it onto your baby’s pants for a comfortable, leak-free experience.

Wet Wipes

Teddyy Wet Wipes

One size

Biodegradable, made of plant-based materials. Enriched with Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Jojoba and Aloe vera extracts to minimize rashes. Anti-bacterial, refreshing and 100% safe.