Teddyy - Diaper XL Size

XL Size Diaper

Teddyy Diaper pants in XL size are made for toddlers who weigh between 12-17 kg. They provide a comfortable fit and are designed with a waist size of 52X31 cm. Mothers can choose Teddy XL size in diaper pants for their little ones, allowing them to move freely and comfortably throughout the day. These pants are made with love and care, ensuring that your toddler stays dry and happy.
For those who prefer the convenience of taped diapers, Teddyy offers XL sized tape style diapers as well. These diapers are perfect for toddlers with a weight range of 12-17 kg and a waist size of 52X31 cm. The taped design provides a secure and adjustable fit, allowing for easy changes and a snug feel. With the same dedication to quality and comfort, Teddyy taped diapers in XL size keep your toddler dry, comfortable, and protected, so you can enjoy precious moments with your little one without any worries.