Teddyy - Diaper M Size

For babies weighing between 7-12 kg

Teddyy Baby Diaper M Size

Looking for the best fit for your little one who is growing almost too fast for your liking? Teddyy diaper medium size is designed to be the perfect choice for babies weighing around 6-11 kg. Soft and gentle on your baby's sensitive skin, this baby diaper m size provides a secure and comfortable fit. Our baby diapers medium size are also anti-bacterial and light on your baby’s skin. Keep your little one dry and happy all day with every mother’s favourite Teddy Diaper M size. Engineered for faster, better, and longer absorption, Teddy diapers medium size take away the stress of frequent diaper changes. Experience the best in diapering only with Teddyy diaper medium size.

Teddyy Tape Style Baby Diaper Medium Size

If you prefer a tape-style diaper for your little one, Teddyy's taped diapers in medium size are the ideal option. They provide a secure and snug fit for your baby. Taped diapers medium size are designed to be kind to your baby's delicate skin, protecting against rubbing and irritation. It comes with sturdy tapes that keep your active baby’s diaper in place. Teddyy's baby diapers medium size in tape style ensures your baby stays happy, all day and night.

Teddyy Pant Style Diaper M Size

Discover the ultimate convenience with our diaper pants m size. Our baby diapers medium size is designed for quick changes. Teddyy baby diaper pants medium size ensures peaceful, mess-free days and nights for mom and baby. Teddyy baby diapers medium size comes with Susu Magnet Technology keeping your baby dry for up to 14 hours. Choose our pant style baby diapers m size for worry-free protection and happy moments with your baby.