Teddyy - Diapers Small Size

For babies weighing between 3-8 kg

Small Size Diapers

Teddyy diapers small size, along with diaper pants small size, are designed for babies weighing between 3-8 kgs. These Teddyy baby diapers in small size safeguard your baby from infection and rash-causing bacteria. Our Teddyy Baby Diaper small size are not only super-absorbent but also provide a perfect fit to prevent leakage. They can last for hours, ensuring your baby stays comfortable and fresh throughout the day, thanks to their no smell-technology.

Taped Diapers Small Size

Your baby experiences the perfect fit and comfort with our Teddyy small size diapers. These diapers are thoughtfully designed for a snug and secure fit, ensuring that even the most active babies stay dry and comfortable. Our tape diapers small size offer reliable absorption and leak protection, making them the ideal choice for your specific needs. Embrace freedom of movement and confidence with our baby diapers small size – the perfect solution for their daily comfort and your peace of mind.

Diaper Pants Small Size

Introducing our diaper pants in small size – the ideal solution for those seeking a comfortable and secure fit for their baby. Our s size diaper pants offer a convenient and worry-free way to keep your baby dry. With a focus on providing excellent absorption and leak protection, our diapers in small size are perfect for active babies. Your baby says goodbye to discomfort and nasty rashes and hello to comfort with our diapers small size, designed for all-day dryness.