Teddyy - Diaper L Size

For babies weighing between 9-14 kg

Teddy Diapers L Size

Teddyy Diapers L size diaper weight range is between 9-13 kgs. Teddyy Diapers L size in pant style and tape style are super absorbent, cloth-like breathable, and enriched with the goodness of aloe vera. Our baby diapers in large size keep your baby’s skin soft, supple and rash-free. If you’re not sure about L size diapers fitting your baby well, you can do a simple test. You should be able to easily slide in two fingers inside the diaper’s waistband when it’s worn.

Teddyy Tape Style Baby Diaper L Size

Our tape style L size diaper offer strong glue tapes and velcro tapes options. Our baby diapers large size in tape style are designed to provide a secure and snug fit for active babies with rapid absorption. With our L size diapers, you can rest assured, without any worries of wetness or rashes for your baby. Experience the joy of the right fit and a happy baby – choose our tape style L size diapers.

Teddyy Pant Style Baby Diaper L Size

Looking for high-quality diaper L size for your baby? Look no further than Teddyy diaper in large size! Our Teddyy diapers L size are designed to provide a perfect fit for babies in the 9-13 kgs weight range. Teddyy L size diaper pants come with Susu Magnet Technology and rapid absorption to keep your little comfortable and wetness-free. With the utmost comfort and absorbency, our L size diaper pants ensure your baby stays dry and happy all day. Trust Teddyy for the best solution in baby diapers L size.