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Teddyy Pant Style Diaper

Teddyy Diaper Pants offer India’s best pant style diapers for newborn, S, M, L and XL sizes, with Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Smell technology.

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Teddyy Easy Diaper Pants

NB, S, M, L, XL

Easy-wear, breathable diapers with a super soft waistband. Anti-bacterial, locks wetness away from skin. Absorbs leaks for up to 5 hours.

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Teddyy Premium Diaper Pants

NB, S, M, L, XL

Super-soft with stretchable waistband. Fits well and allows air flow. Anti-bacterial, locks wetness away from skin. Aloe vera enhanced with smell-block technology. Leak-free goodness for up to 6 hours.

Teddyy Diaper Teddyy Diaper


Which pant style diaper is best for sensitive skin?

Teddyy diapers are one of the best newborn diapers for sensitive skin. Here’s why: Every Teddyy Diaper is 100% free of any chemicals or additives that might prove harmful to your baby’s soft skin. At Teddyy, we strive to deliver goodness that can at least be on par with a mother’s pure love! Moreover, all Teddyy Diapers are designed with an anti-bacterial core to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and enriched with Aloe Vera extracts for advanced skin care and protection. You can buy Teddyy pant style diapers XL, L, M, S and NB sizes on Amazon and Flipkart.

Are pant style diapers good for newborns?

Absolutely! Teddyy Pant Style Diapers for newborn, being one of the best disposable diapers in the country, are specifically designed for the safety and wellbeing of your newborn baby. Every Teddyy product for newborn babies now comes with a complete navel protection feature that allows your newborn’s navel to air out and heal faster after their stump falls off. They also come with an ultra-soft fibrous elastic at the waist and leg bands that are soft and fit your baby comfortably to prevent any red marks along their waist or thighs. They are 100% free of any harmful chemicals and fragrances that might harm your baby’s health.

When should I switch to pant diapers?

You can always use Pant diapers! But mothers prefer to put active babies in pant style diapers as they can keep up with the rigorous movements. Teddyy Diaper Pants are designed for maximum mobility and comfort for your baby. They can be worn very easily and are made with breathable materials to always keep your baby’s bottoms soft and supple, even in dry or humid weather. Teddyy diapers are specifically designed for Indian baby’s body type, you can rest assured that they will fit like a charm without sagging! You can buy Teddyy diapers, the best pant style diaper, online on Amazon and Flipkart. You’ll find everything from L size diaper pants to XL size diaper pants at a single place!

Which is better taped or pant diapers?

Tape style diapers and pant style diapers will both work excellently for your baby if you find the perfect one. Teddyy taped and as well as pant style diapers offer you maximum comfort and protection from any leakage and spills. They are both treated with special Aloe Vera extracts to provide advanced skin care and keep your baby’s skin fresh, moisturized and free of any rashes. The only aspect in which they differ from each other is their design. Teddyy Pant diapers have an elastic waistband and leg cuffs and are to be worn like pants and disposed later by tearing the seams at the sides. Teddyy  Taped diapers on the other hand need to be fastened with the help of tapes and disposed by removing them later. Mothers usually prefer pant style diapers for active babies and tape style diapers for newborn babies.

Teddyy Diaper Teddyy Diaper