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Teddyy pant-style and taped-style best diapers for newborns are made with special loving care to support the growth journey of your little one. Our newborn baby pants and NB size diapers in tape style have built-in navel protection for newborn babies who weigh between 2-5kgs. This means that the front of the diaper is lower in Teddyy unlike other brands so that it does not rub against the navel, which, post-birth is very sensitive. Teddyy newborn baby pants and taped diapers for newborns care for you and your baby.

Taped Diapers for Newborns

eddyy baby diapers newborn provide secure and snug protection for your little one. With a gentle, adjustable fit, these NB diapers are designed to keep your baby comfortable and dry. Enjoy peace of mind and precious moments with your newborn, knowing they're well cared for with our newborn tape diapers.

Newborn Diapers in Pant Style

Ensure your newborn's comfort with our premium new born baby diapers and baby pants. Our products are designed with your baby's delicate skin in mind, providing the perfect fit and protection for those precious early days. Discover the ultimate solution for a happy and content newborn with our trusted diapering essentials. Soft, gentle, and designed to keep your baby away from wetness, rash and irritation. Keep your newborn comfortable and dry with our specially crafted NB diapers, so you can cherish every moment with your precious bundle of joy.