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Surprising Benefits of Baby Massage

By Teddyy 25 May 2024
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You know how it goes: The minute you put your baby down, they cry. Pick them up and, voila! – they’re all cheerful and smiley again. If just holding them in your arms can be so soothing, just imagine what a baby massage can do.

There are many tips and tricks to patenting, but few are as effective and incredible as a baby massage. You’d be surprised to learn all the benefits of baby massage, which we’re here to do today. Moreover, baby massage is as simple as it is enjoyable, so get yourself some baby massage oil and have fun with your little one!

• Bonding

Rhythmic movement and affectionate touch are among the most powerful forms of communication between a parent and their baby. With each gentle stroke, your baby will feel loved and cared for. It teaches them that you are a trusted and stabilizing force in their life and allows for you two to bond together.

• Digestion

A newborn’s digestive system is still developing and might need a natural kick-start to get its job done properly. Baby constipation, colic and gas problems are some of the things that a tummy massage can aid with.
There are many specific massage patterns for your baby’s changing needs, there’s one specific for digestion and tummy aches too, ask an experienced mother and get yourself educated on all the specifics of how to massage a baby.

• Brain and Motor Development

Since, a massage traces everything from head to toe, it can be a really powerful sensory experience for your baby. This experience stimulates your little one’s brain and helps them develop finer motor skills as they grow up.
Remarkably, baby massage can also help with your child’s motor development if they have a developmental delay or disability.

• Teething

For some babies, teething is a time of pain, discomfort and crankiness and can be a huge stressor for both the baby and the parents. Massaging the jaw and gum line can alleviate the pain associated with teething. Doing a full body massage can also lessen teething pain as it calms their pain receptors and distracts them from teething.

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• Baby Sleep

Not all babies ‘sleep like a baby’ and can wake up every hour or so, not only making you restless but your baby as well. Baby massage is one of the best ways to encourage sleeping in your restless baby.
It is calming to the nervous system and raises the levels of the feel-good hormone called oxytocin and decreases cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. As a result, your baby’s breathing and heart rate slows down and your baby becomes more relaxed and sleepy.
We recommend giving them a massage right after bath and before feeding which helps them relax prior to their bedtime.

• Immunity

Baby massage is also a great booster for a baby’s growing immunity system. It stimulates the blood flow throughout their body and assists the lymphatic system in draining the toxins away and out of their body. This keeps their internal organs and body functioning in a perfect condition.
Another thing to note is that, when babies are stressed and restless, their immune system becomes weak. So some good baby massage is just what you might need in the cold and flu seasons to get them through.

• Weight gain

Baby massage might even promote healthy growth in your baby, and it does it in two ways: By enhancing the release of growth hormones and by aiding in better digestion and absorption of nutrients in their growing phase. Premature babies especially seem to benefit from baby massages due to these properties.
Whether you’re soothing your baby’s indigestion or sending them to sleep paradise, a good massage can do wonders for your baby! The power lies right in your gentle fingertips, what’s holding you back!? Give your baby a massage right now! ?

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