7 Ways to Ensure Your Newborn is Comfortable and Happy
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7 Ways to Ensure Your Newborn is Comfortable and Happy

By Teddyy 1 Jun 2024
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Your baby’s beautiful face – God! You could look at it all day. Those lovely rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes, tiny lips, and that sweet toothless smile! The challenging part, however, about newborn care – and parenting in general – is to keep that beautiful face always smiling. Ask any parent and they would tell you that nothing pains them more than being helpless when their baby cries. So, here are 7 easy ways to ensure your little one is happy and comfortable.

1. Create a Bond

Create a bond with your baby. You and your baby are pretty much hardwired to enjoy each other’s company (And by ‘you’ we meant the baby’s dad too. Daddies don’t feel left out!). Any skin contact, like touching, cuddling, kissing will make your baby feel safe around you and strengthen the bond you share.
Fun fact: Did you know that it takes babies a few days to recognize a father’s touch, but they can instantly recognize their mother through the smell of their skin?
Give them baby massages, have your baby snuggle up against you when you bottle feed or nurse them, tell them stories, consider the mission a success if they are giggling and cooing in delight!

2. Pick up on Cues

They just love to talk gibberish all day, don’t they? Your little one can’t tell you what they want or feel in a language we understand, so they communicate through non-verbal ways. These non-verbal communication comprises of cries, body movements and some nonsensical talk. As time passes, you will be able to differentiate between them and will know exactly when they’re hungry, sick, need a cuddle or diaper change.
If you think the wait is too long and want to learn their baby lingo right away, read our blog on ‘Decoding The Secret World of Baby Lingo: What Is Your Baby Trying to Tell You?’
Always answer your baby’s cries, this lets them know that you’re there for them and strengthens the bond and trust you two share.

3. Ensure Physical Comfort

Dress up your baby for the weather in soft and comfortable clothes. Use soft bedspreads and towels for them. Become a master at swaddling! The goal is to always keep their immediate surrounding warm and comfy.
On that note, a soft and comfortable diaper is a basic necessity to ensure your baby’s comfort, and Teddyy diapers are the softest and the most comfortable companion for your baby. Teddyy Diapers in newborn sizes come with a navel protection feature to ensure full and speedy recovery of your baby’s umbilical cord stump. You can buy Teddyyy new born baby diapers online on Amazon and Flipkart.

4. Develop Soothing Tricks

Develop some soothing tricks for your baby. There is no ‘one size fits all’ for soothing tricks, what might work for one may not work for the other.
From cradling them in your arms to looking in the mirror together, there’s a wide range of tricks out there to be discovered for your baby. With some trial and error, you will figure out what works best for them and comforting your baby should get easier.

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5. Let Your Baby Sleep

Leave them alone when they’re asleep! We know they’re too cute to resist and that everyone in the family will want to cuddle and play with them all the time but let them have their rest. After a peaceful nap, they’ll be up and ready to play to your heart’s content.
Create a warm and calm environment for your baby and take away all the disturbances that interrupts your little one’s nap time. If you’re the one pinching their cheeks when they’re asleep, then respectfully take yourself out.

6. Limit Visitors

Yeah, let’s stop playing pass-pass with your baby. A newborn in the house means tens of visitors pouring in to meet the new addition to the family. Must be a nightmare of overstimulation for your baby. There’s also the germs from outside to worry about.
But you can’t say no to the visitors either… so you should manage them. Ask your visitors to give you a heads up before they visit and shower their love, if there’s too many visitors on a particular day, don’t be afraid to say no to them and ask them to come on a later day.

7. Step out of the House

Go on a parent and baby date! Don’t stay cooped up in your house like a chicken or roam around your little one like a cat! Take your baby and hit the zoo or that park round the corner. The coffee shop works too! Introduce them to the outside world slowly and let their world expand.
They may not be able to say it, but your baby enjoys every moment they spend with you. As we said before, you and your baby are pretty much hardwired to enjoy each other’s company. So, rest easy and just follow these 7 tips we’ve shared with you. Of course, there’s more to parenting than 7 tips, but you’ll learn them all along the way.

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