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Breastfeeding Positions You and Your Baby Will Love

By Teddyy 27 Feb 2023
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Just because breastfeeding is natural doesn’t mean it will be second nature to new mothers. Many of us imagine breastfeeding to be a peaceful and serene moment with our child, but breastfeeding positions are anything but that, at least at first.

“Maitri would tug so hard at my nipple, this way and that. It sometimes brought me to tears. I started fearing breastfeeding sessions with her. I then spoke to my doctor about it and showed her how I do it. I was getting it all wrong! She was latching the wrong way which made her irritated because she was getting no milk. I learned how to get her to latch properly and with some practice feeding sessions became soothing for both of us.” – Sushma Tripathi from Lucknow.

The end goal should be to find a breastfeeding position that is comfortable for both the mother and the baby. Finding this one position however, will take time, patience and a whole lot of trial and error! But, it’s well worth the effort for sure.

So, try one, or all types of breastfeeding positions mentioned in this blog until you find the one that works the best for you and your little one!

Cradle hold

The classic. This is the hold we all think of when we hear ‘breastfeeding’.

  1. Cradle your baby’s back with the forearm on the same side as your nursing breast and ensure that their head is cuddled against your breast.
  2. You can use the free hand to support your breast and make it easier for your baby to latch on.

Even though being the most popular breastfeeding position, it might not be the most comfortable one as it doesn’t offer as much support to your back and arms as other holds. So, keep reading!

Cross-cradle hold

A more comfortable variation of cradle hold that gives you and your baby a little extra support and control.

  1. Hold your baby with the arm on the opposite side of the nursing breast and support your nursing breast with the arm on the same side.

That’s it.

Football hold

Next up in the list is the football hold or clutch hold. Believe us, it’s not as sporty as it sounds. In fact, this position is best for mothers recovering from C-section delivery.

  1. Hold your baby on the side of your body with your forearm supporting their back and your hand supporting their neck and head.
  2. You can use your other hand to support your breast as the baby latches on

Football hold for twins

Follow the exact same steps as mentioned above, but with twins. So, you have one baby on each side.

Side-lying position

Every new mother should try this one out! Because breastfeeding is a tiring job especially while you’re recovering after birth, when you must balance it with all the other chores, or even by itself.

  1. Start by lying on your side with your baby lying on their side close to you, tummy-to-tummy.
  2. Place your baby a little below your breast and help them latch on.

This breastfeeding technique is also very comfortable for mothers who’ve had C-section. But just make sure to put your baby back in their cradle or crib before you drift off to sleep.

Laid-back breastfeeding

Many mothers love the laid-back or reclining position because it’s natural for babies and relaxing for them.

  1. Lay on the side of a couch, a bed, or a recliner with your baby lying face down on your chest.
  2. Lightly drape your arm over them without putting too much pressure or let gravity hold your baby in place, just help them find the nipple and latch on.

Breastfeeding in a baby carrier

A convenient and discreet way to breastfeed when you’re out in public. If you’re using an upright carrier, loosen the straps a little bit to give your baby some room to feed and so you can get your arms in to support your breasts. The same for baby slings. Nursing tops or saree blouses are essential since nobody wants to pull their entire shirt up.

Learning different breastfeeding techniques can be a real game-changer when it comes to making nursing work for both you and your baby. However, trying new positions on your own can be a daunting task and having someone experienced beside you can be helpful. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor and experienced mothers. Soon enough, you will be the experienced one teaching others!

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How long should I breastfeed my baby?

Breast milk is nature’s perfect food for your baby. It’s recommended that you exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months. After that, you can introduce your baby to complementary foods and continue breastfeeding your baby till 2 years of age, or even longer until you and your baby decide to call it quits.

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding has some surprising benefits for both the mother and the baby! Some of them are:


• Breastmilk is loaded with antibodies.
• It has all the nutrients a baby will need in ideal amounts.
• It promotes healthy body weight in babies.
• It helps mother lose weight.
• It helps the uterus contract in mothers.
• It lowers the risk of depression in mothers.

• Which breastfeeding position is most common?

The cradle hold! But being the most common or the most popular doesn’t mean anything; what works for others may not work for you. You can always try other positions such as cross-cradle hold, laidback breastfeeding, side-lying position and so much more!

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