Can Postpartum Belts Help Reduce Your Belly Pouch After Pregnancy?
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Can Postpartum Belts Help Reduce Your Belly Pouch After Pregnancy?

By Teddyy 7 Nov 2023

Hello, all you wonderful mothers! Kudos for bringing a new life into the world! Pregnancy is a miraculous journey that can leave noticeable changes in your body, including the “baby belly” or “mummy tummy”. This is medically known as diastasis recti – a separation of the abdominal muscles. Two-thirds of women experience a protruding belly after giving birth, and it is pretty natural to have a little extra belly post-pregnancy.

Some mothers are curious about the effectiveness of postpartum belts in helping them regain their pre-baby shape. This article explores postpartum belts and their ability to assist in getting rid of that belly pouch.

What Is a Postpartum Belt?

Postpartum belts, girdles or belly wraps are elastic garments that support the abdomen and lower back after childbirth. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, such as cotton, spandex, or latex. These belts are fastened with Velcro or hook-and-eye closures.

When Can You Start Tying Your Stomach After Pregnancy? 

It is generally recommended that new mothers wait at least a day after delivery before using a postpartum belt. Experts advise using the belt for 2-12 weeks to achieve the best results.

In the case of a standard delivery, you can start using the post-pregnancy belt within a few hours after giving birth.

However, if you’ve had a C-section, waiting until your stitches are fully healed before tying your stomach is advisable. It can take 6-8 weeks to put on a belt after a c-section.

How Does a Postpartum Belt Work?

A postpartum belt can compress and support your muscles after giving birth. During pregnancy, the uterus can cause the two muscles that run down your stomach to separate, known as diastasis recti. Although it is not a cure, a belly wrap can aid in compressing and supporting your muscles to return to their original position.

Benefits of Post-Pregnancy Belts

Postpartum belts, often called belly wraps or belly binders, have the following benefits:

  1. Helps in relieving pain
  2. Helps in easy movement
  3. Helps in increasing the blood flow
  4. Helps in fixing your posture

If you’ve had a C-section, consult your doctor to ensure the belt doesn’t intervene in the healing process or cause any complications.

Risks of Postpartum Belts

While these belly wraps can be beneficial, sometimes they might have risks:

  1. Causing too much pain
  2. Too much pressure
  3. Itchy rashes

While these postpartum belts can provide support and comfort, there is no scientific proof that they are a miracle solution to get rid of belly pouches. Combining a healthy diet with moderate exercise is the best way to eliminate belly fat.

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Things You Need to Consider About a Postpartum Belt

  1. Consult With Your Doctor: It’s vital to consult your doctor to determine if waist trainers are a good option for your body and when it’s safe to begin wearing them.
  2. Be Patient With the Results: Don’t expect immediate changes after wearing the belt for the first time. Ideally, you must wear the belt for 5-6 weeks before noticing any difference.
  3. The Belt Should Be Flexible: When buying a postpartum belt, ensure it is flexible and adjustable to your comfort level. This will allow you to tighten or loosen the belt without risking injuries.

Other Ways to Reduce Post-Pregnancy Belly Fat

Using a belt to reduce tummy fat is convenient, but doctors recommend adopting a healthy diet and moderate exercise to achieve optimal results. Yoga and brisk walks can also be excellent options to reduce tummy fat. Remember to progress gradually and not to strain yourself.

Postpartum belts can be beneficial in your post-pregnancy journey. They provide comfort and support but are not a magic solution to immediately remove belly pouches. So, mamas, celebrate your post-pregnancy body, focus on eating healthy and exercising and wear the postpartum belt if required. You have given birth to a life, and that’s a miracle in itself.

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How long should I wear a postpartum belt after delivery?

The first six weeks following a vaginal delivery are when wearing your band will be most beneficial. However, two months after giving birth, your body is still healing, so some light compression can be beneficial. You must follow your doctor’s advice if you’ve had a C-section delivery and are considering wearing a postpartum belt.

Does postpartum belt reduce tummy?

Yes, a postpartum belt can help reduce tummy size by providing support to the abdominal muscles and promoting compression, which can aid in postpartum recovery and potentially flatten the stomach over time.

Does belt reduce tummy after delivery?

Wearing an abdominal binder won’t help you lose belly fat. It’s for pain relief and providing support. Good nutrition and exercise are necessary for losing belly fat and toning the muscles.

When to wear post pregnancy belt?

The recommended amount of time is 2-3 hours every day. However, it’s important to consider when you’ll need belly band support the most during the day and wear it accordingly.

Does postpartum saggy belly go away?

For some the postpartum belly might go away with time while for others it may not. It depends on factors such as genetics, skin elasticity, how much weight is gained during pregnancy, and how fast the abdominal muscles recover.

When is it too late to wear a postpartum belly wrap?

It’s generally recommended to wear a postpartum belly wrap for the first six to eight weeks after giving birth, but it’s never too late to start. However, its effectiveness might diminish over time as your body heals.

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