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Ensure a Safe Night’s Sleep for Your Baby

By Teddyy 26 Nov 2022

You should have a bedtime routine for your baby when they’re around 6 to 8 weeks. By this time babies become receptive and are able to ease into a routine. The best way to make baby sleep at night is to have a bedtime routine for your tot. It will not only ensure they are not resisting bedtime but are also getting a good night’s sleep.

Some parents are afraid that they might be helping create bad sleeping habits for their little ones. Here’s a measure to check if you are doing this for your baby. Good sleeping habits are easy to follow, calm your baby, put them to a good night’s sleep faster and for longer amounts of time. Here’s how to make baby sleep without any fuss:

Consistency Matters 

Follow a consistent, calming bedtime routine. We’re all creatures of habit. So, the truth is, your baby notices when the routine goes a little out of order, and it makes them restless. Predictability and reassurance is what babies and their parents thrive on. It’s about hitting the pillow same time each night, being done with feeding time at least an hour before bedtime, singing lullaby before your baby dozes off or anything else that is a part of your routine.

Put Your Baby to Bed Drowsy, But Awake 

This phrase comes up often when it comes to establishing a bedtime routine for your tot. This is what it means exactly: put your baby to bed when they’re sleepy or yawny, but not completely asleep. You will teach your little one an important skill that might relieve you of extra work in the future, falling asleep on their own. Even after they wake up and don’t find you right by their side, they’re not going to make a fuss.

Give Your Baby Time to Settle Down

After running around, exploring things all day, your baby is going to need a little extra time to settle down. Use gentle patting, rocking, stroking, talking, or softly singing before putting your baby into the cot to sleep, these rhythmic motions will make them drowsy and ready for bed.

Keep Night-Time Care Minimal 

Like some of us, babies don’t need elaborate 10-step night-time routines. Keep it easy and light. Give them a Teddyy overnight Diapers change before putting them to bed, light rhythmic motions and to the bed they go. Teddyy, the best overnight diapers for infants have been trusted by Indian mothers for 35 years. Equipped with:

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