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Facts About Effective Parenting Nobody is Telling You

By Teddyy 27 Mar 2023
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“Parenting tips? (laughs) You never run out of them! Everybody has something to say about how to raise your baby. In fact, now that I’m a mother of 3 boys, I consider myself qualified enough to help a stressed mother when I see one. There is no one way of good parenting, you find your style along the way while making mistakes.” This was Sejal Nair, a homemaker from Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
We have interviewed a few mothers and compiled six best tips for new parents to survive, grow, and enjoy their new adventure called parenthood in this blog. Let’s get started.

Expect stress

Raising a child is a constant series of tasks and challenges, so you can always expect some degree of stress. The first year will be especially challenging. Embrace all the chaos and you will get through it without stressing out.

Accept all the help you can get

Don’t try to be a super-mom or a super-dad! You need a break too like everyone else. You’d be surprised at how many people would happily agree to look after your baby while you go for a small jog in the park. Neighbors, relatives, friends, and all your loved ones are often more than happy to help if you just let them know what you need.

Be forgiving of yourself

Nobody wants to make mistakes, especially when it comes to their little ones and remember, ‘perfection’ is a word that you will only find in dictionaries. So, don’t be too hard on yourself and when you make mistakes, take it as an opportunity to learn another new thing about parenting. Be kind enough to forgive yourself for your mistakes.

Be flexible

Your plans could very quickly go down the drain when you have a little one depending on you for all that they need. Be flexible and expect unexpected surprises and challenges. Let go of any guilt that might be caused by unfinished chores. Get back to your plans and chores later after your baby’s immediate needs are met.

Connect with your partner

Although you might have your hands full with taking care of the baby, spend some meaningful time with your partner too. Talk about your new discoveries and plans, your hopes and fears, how things have changed since your baby came along, and what you would like to keep the same. These kinds of heartfelt interactions can go a long way.

Trust yourself

While you might make mistakes, doubt yourself, feel guilty over hating the endlessly sleep-depriving nights, you DO know what’s best for your baby.
Ignore the advice you don’t agree with. Smile sweetly, nod politely, and go do things the way you want. Don’t let others make you feel like a poor parent.

Be present

You might have already been told these things a million times: “the time goes by so fast” or “cherish these moments while they last” or “the days are long, but the years are short.” But all those sentiments are true! If your head is caught in the nostalgia of the past or in the hopes of an easy future, you will miss the miracle that is your baby’s first year of life.

Feel your little one’s heartbeat, live for their smile, be truly present when they utter their first mama or dada. There are few, happier moments in life that can rival these moments.

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If you have any doubts or have more tips to share with fellow parents, the comment section is all yours!

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What are 5 positive parenting tips?

Here are 5 positive parenting tips:
• Remember you’re a role model to your child.
• Don’t set unrealistic expectations for your child.
• Show affection and encourage your child.
• Discipline but don’t punish.
• Let them find their way on their own sometimes.

What should every first-time parent know?

Here are a few basics every first-time parent should know:
• Sometimes, babies cry for no reason.
• Breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally to everyone.
• Some babies just don’t sleep well.
• You might experience baby blues or postpartum depression, don’t be afraid of seeking help.
• Vaccines are important for your child’s health.
• And remember – it takes a village to raise a child, so don’t be shy about asking for help!

How can I be a better parent to my newborn?

Just focus on making your baby feel loved and cared for and the rest of the things will fall in place on their own.

What is the biggest challenge for new parents?

Common challenges new parents should be prepared for are:
• Change in lifestyle
• Sleepless nights
• Lack of patience
• Never-ending to-do lists
• Poor time management
• Occasional negligence of self-care.

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