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Gas Problems in Infants and Babies

By Teddyy 21 Apr 2024

Babies can get quite gassy. You finally decide to visit your local café with your baby in tow but your baby decides this is the best time for their debut orchestral piece. And they proceed to release the loudest, foulest and fartiest fart ever! Everyone is mortified at what your little one is capable of. Welcome to parenthood!

Babies can pass gas as often as 13 to 21 times a day! But why so much? The reason lies right under our nose— feeding time comes with a lot of crying, gulping and suckling which gives them more than enough opportunities to get some air in their system.

A gassy baby is completely normal, but given their tiny and developing digestive system, they might need help moving that gas out. It’s time you learned how to treat gas problems in newborn babies because trapped gas can make them extremely uncomfortable!
When gas gets trapped in their belly they will:

  1.  Squirm and twist frequently
  2. Pull their legs up to their chests
  3. Get red in the face when they cry
  4. Appear uncomfortable and unhappy till they pass gas
  5. Have a hard belly
  6. Burp and fart a lot

Yeah, the symptoms are a little too obvious, good for us! When you figure out your little one is having trouble with gas, try the following home remedies to help them with their trouble.

• Leg movement

Or, we’ll call it the ‘baby bike ride’, it sounds fun and is fun. Have your baby lie down on their back and move their legs in an up-and-down pedaling motion to manually help push out trapped air.

• Upright position

Hold them in an upright position and give them gentle back-pats to encourage burping. Even elevating their head above their belly can help.

• Face down cradle

Place your baby face down on your lap or forearms, and make them look sideways so that nothing covers their face or nose. Now gently give them a back-rub with your other hand.

• Tummy massage

Simply rubbing your baby’s tummy may help their stomach relieve gas. Have your baby lie down on their back and gently press down on their tummy in clockwise or anti-clockwise motion. You can increase or decrease the pressure according to your baby’s comfort but immediately stop the tummy massage if your baby is uncomfortable with it or seems to be in pain.

• Rock and roll

The motion of rocking and bouncing may ease your baby’s pain and calm them. You can go for a car ride with your baby or just place them on your lap and play with them.

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  1. A gassy baby is far from being an official diagnosis and it can be easily prevented. As mentioned before, a lot of gas develops from them crying and drinking too quickly or slowly. And also from drinking formula milk with bubbles in them. Let’s look at how to avoid gas problem in babies before proceeding further.
  2. The way you position your baby plays a major role in how much air your little one can swallow. Feed them in a position that ensures they swallow as little air as possible. But that still leaves room for them crying and shattering your entire setup, at times like these, you should pause feeding them at regular intervals and burp them.
  3. As for formula milk, all the dancing you do in the name of shaking the bottle can add extra air bubbles in the milk. Let the formula settle before feeding it to your little one.
  4. Most of the times, gas problems in newborn baby is normal and treatable. But if the gas is severe, it’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor. As your baby and their digestive tract matures, the gas will become less of a problem for both you and your precious little one.
  5. For the pee and poo, we have you covered! Have your little one wear Teddyy diaper, one of the best diapers for sensitive skin, to prevent any and every odour their little tummy may create.
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