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How to Choose the Best Diapers for Your Baby

By Teddyy 8 May 2023

The first few months of your baby are the most critical for nourishing your baby’s skin because it is most supple and most delicate during this time. And Choose the Best Diapers for your little one can be a painstakingly tough decision because of the never-ending option available in the market. Somehow, every brand seems to go above and beyond to guarantee the best comfort and total hygiene that their competitors can’t provide.

But do not give in to the temptation of the flashiest promises! Read between the lines and choose a diaper that truly works, and truly does what it promises.

3 Things to Consider when Picking a Diaper

A Reputed Brand

Probably the most important thing of all the criteria that’s going to be mentioned below. Reputed brands that have been in the diaper manufacturing business for a long time understand their customers better than the newer brands. This has also given them time to conduct research and come up with newer and better features to maintain their position in the diaper business.

The Diaper Features

Once you’ve chosen the brand, make sure the diaper checks all the following features:

Good and Quick Absorbency

A good diaper should have the ability to absorb urine effectively and quickly and must be able to retain moisture for extended periods without leaking or becoming soggy. This feature is especially important as it prevents your baby’s skin from coming into contact with the moisture, which could cause rashes or other skin irritations.

Wetness Indicators

In today’s time, almost every diaper comes equipped with a wetness indicator. It’s a must-have feature as it helps you know when it’s time for a diaper change.

Softness and Breathability

Make sure that the diaper is made with soft and breathable material, so that it allows air flow to your baby’s bottom and keeps your baby’s sensitive and delicate skin protected.

Stretchability and Fit

Stretchy enough to not leave any marks on your little one and tight enough to prevent any side-leaks and trickles.

Size and weight

Baby diaper sizes depend on the weight of the baby, so weigh your baby before you go diaper-shopping. Newborns also grow at an alarming rate so avoid stocking up on one size and go for the next size once the diaper grows tight.


Founded in 1999 with the aim to produce India-made diapers for the Indian baby, Teddyy Diapers for newborn baby have 20+ years of experience in making diapers suited to the needs to Indian and Asian children. Available in pant style and tape style diapers, these are used by parents in 20+ countries and have the following features:

  1. Highly absorbent diapers with built in rapisoak technology which makes sure your child’s skin is not in contact with a wet diaper top.
  2. Quickly disperses the acquired liquid to stay dry for a longer time.
  3. Anti-bacterial to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  4. Cloth-like breathable to make sure your baby’s skin remains aerated and healthy. This further helps prevent rashes from sweating or prolonged contact to wetness.
  5. Comes with a wetness indicator.
  6. Available in NB, S, M, L, XL sizes.
  7. NB size comes with a special navel protection, making it India’s best diaper for newborns!
  8. You can buy online on Amazon, Flipkart, and FirstCry.

One more very important tip before you go: Buy the smallest packs for a test run before you settle on one for your little one. Once you are satisfied with it, go on the diaper-buying spree!

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How do I choose the right diapers for my baby?

When choosing the right diapers for your baby, consider factors such as the absorbency of the diaper, softness and stretchiness of the diaper, a wetness indicator on the diaper, and whether the diaper is shaped for newborns. It is also important to consider the size of the diaper, as using the wrong size can lead to leaks or discomfort for your baby.

Which diaper brand is good for babies?

There are many good diaper brands available for babies. The best brand for your baby may depend on your personal preference and your baby’s needs.

What are the qualities of the best baby diapers?

The best baby diapers should be absorbent, comfortable, and fit well. They should also be made from materials that are gentle on a baby’s skin, such as cotton or other natural fibers. Other qualities to look for include a wetness indicator to help you know when it’s time for a diaper change, a soft and flexible waistband for a comfortable fit, and leak guards to prevent leaks and blowouts. Additionally, it’s important to choose a diaper brand that is trusted and reliable, and that offers a range of sizes to fit your growing baby.

Which diaper is best for a baby?

The best diaper for a baby depends on several factors, such as the baby’s age, size, and level of activity. It’s important to choose a diaper that fits well, is absorbent, and is made from materials that are gentle on a baby’s skin. You can buy Teddyy tape diapers for newborn baby online on Amazon, Flipkart, and FirstCry.

Is it safe to use diapers for babies at night?

Yes, it is generally safe to use diapers for babies at night. In fact, most babies wear diapers at night to help them stay dry and comfortable while they sleep. It’s important to choose a diaper that is absorbent and fits well to prevent leaks and discomfort.

How long can a baby stay with a diaper?

It is generally recommended that babies stay in a diaper for no longer than four hours at a time, as prolonged exposure to moisture can increase the risk of diaper rash or other skin irritations. However, it is important to change your baby’s diaper as soon as it becomes soiled or wet to prevent discomfort and reduce the risk of diaper-related skin issues.

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