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Skin Care Tips to Manage the Scorching Summer

By Teddyy 25 Jun 2022

With the approach of scorching summers, many new parents often wonder about how to keep their little ones safe in the heat. The summers can be especially harsh if it is your baby’s first summer, and every care must be taken to ensure that your baby doesn’t get a sunburn or fall sick or becomes uncomfortable due to the rising temperatures. While it may be tempting to do everything under the sun (yes, we used a pun) to protect your baby, a few simple tips when followed religiously can help prevent most summer problems in infants and babies. Summers bring in rising temperatures, increased humidity, overall discomfort and also insect bites. If we take these things into account, we can break down baby skin care tips into little habits that can help manage the scorching summer heat. Let’s take a look at all the baby skin care tips for summer:

Choose Airy And Soft Clothes

The baby’s clothes are a big part of the summer checklist for babies. While babies do need extra warmth and care, in very hot summers it’s best to dress them up in breathable clothes like those made of cotton. It may be tempting to dress up your baby in cute clothes, but your baby needs cotton and airy clothes that keep her cool and also prevent sweating. Choosing the right clothes will also ensure that your baby doesn’t get rashes or irritable skin, which can be very uncomfortable for babies.

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Sea Sunscreen And Other Essentials When You Step Out

It’s best to avoid stepping out with your baby when the heat is at the peak – this includes mornings and noon. If you do have to step out or want to take the baby for a walk, choose the accessories and skin care products very carefully. Use a non-greasy baby safe sunscreen with a good SPF to prevent sunburns. Always keep the baby shielded from the harsh sunlight with a stroller cover or wide brimmed hats. Keeping walks to a minimum time and also choosing open areas with trees that provide shade can also help prevent the baby from getting too hot or uncomfortable.

Keep Baby Hydrated

Dehydration is a common concern for babies in summer. As your infant or toddler cannot say much, they will not understand the importance of staying hydrated. If you are breastfeeding your baby, talk to your doctor and increase the feeding frequency to ensure that your baby is hydrated. However, if your baby is on formula feed, it’s a good idea to increase the hydration of the food or even give your baby some water from time to time, after consulting with your doctor. For older kids, choose water and fresh fruits’ juice to keep them hydrated. If the summers get too hot, consult your doctor on giving ORS and other such rehydrating drinks to your baby.

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