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Taped Baby Diapers vs Baby Diaper Pants – What Should You Choose for Your Baby?

By Teddyy 21 Apr 2024

Tape diapers or pant type diapers? The first of many dilemmas new parents will face when they are expecting a little one in their lives.

Diaper changes are tough. How do you tape diapers when you are dealing with a future football champion? She doesn’t stay still for even a minute and just won’t stop kicking! I have to fetch my husband to help too! When I’m alone I get frustrated,” says Shalini.

Well, Shalini ji, maybe your baby has grown too impatient for tape style diapers, give pant style diapers a shot.

Which diapers are better taped or pants?

Both these styles of diapers have their own set of advantages and drawbacks.

Parents are often under the illusion that newborn taped diapers can’t hold too much pee because they are mostly worn by little babies. One thing we can say for certain is that there is no difference between the two when it comes to absorbency. If you are opting for a good diaper brand you should be able to find the same level of absorbency in tape style diapers too.

What is the difference between baby diapers and baby pants? 

Taped style diapers are mostly preferred by parents of newborn babies. While, pant style diapers are worn by babies who have started rolling and crawling about or are physically very active.

  1. Pant style diapers don’t need to be adjusted unlike newborn tape style diapers.
  2. Pant style diapers allow babies to move about freely. Tape diapers often cannot keep up with your baby’s vigorous movements and come off at the sides.
  3. Taped style diapers are easier to put on newborn babies since they hold still. Pant style diapers are easy and quick to pull on and are best suited for older babies.
  4. Removing pant style diapers is easier since you can just tear them at the sides.
  5. Parents prefer tape style diapers for their newborns because they can be adjusted to keep the baby’s navel protected from chafing against the diaper.

However, some diapers in the market come equipped with navel protection features for newborns. Teddyy is India’s first baby diaper brand to introduce a navel protection feature. Navel protection allows your newborn’s belly button to be exposed to fresh air, helping it heal quicker.

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Which are the best absorbent diapers?

A newborn baby pees around 58 ml  between each feeding. A diaper that can hold more than 60 ml of pee is absorbent enough. The most absorbent night diapers can hold up to 3-7 cycles of pee.

Choose a diaper style for your baby keeping these points in mind and you should be good to go! If you are in-between stages, we would recommend you alternate between the two styles. Don’t feel compelled to make the switch if you are not sure. After all, it is just a matter of a few years before your baby will not need diapers at all! So, if you’re comfortable using one of these styles stick to it.

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