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The Best Newborn Baby Sleeping Position – Everything You Need to Know

By Teddyy 27 Mar 2024
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You may sleep in any position you fancy – whether it be on your back, your sides, or even on your tummy with a leg dangling off the bed’s edge. Just as long as you don’t wake up with a neck as stiff as a board, you’re all set! But sleeping positions matters a lot for your baby because the wrong sleeping position can lead to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Which is why it’s important for new parents to be aware of the safe baby sleeping positions to create a safe and secure resting environment for their little one.

Importance Of Sleeping Positions For Baby

Newborn babies can’t really control their body movements. As adults, you are responsible for deciding which position they lie in. If you make a wrong decision, it could majorly affect your baby’s health. This is because their muscles and bones are not fully developed. A slight pressure can lead to permanent damage. That’s why it’s important to choose the right baby sleeping position.

Remember this – adult sleeping positions might not be the best sleeping positions for babies. We sleep on our backs, sides, belly, and all the weirdest positions you could think of because our bones are fully developed. So now, you must be wondering what the best sleeping position for newborn babies is. Read ahead to find out!

Best Sleeping Position For A Newborn Baby

Both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) say sleeping on the back is the best sleeping position for newborn babies. This position helps them breathe better, avoid muscle or bone damage, eliminate choking hazards, and more. For added comfort in this position, you can use Teddyy Premium Diaper Pants to provide a breathable, leak-free sleeping experience.

Sleeping On The Back: The Safest Newborn Baby Sleeping Position!

You might have heard your baby’s doctor or nurses exclaiming, “Back is best,” and this recommendation comes from decades of extensive research. Always place your little one on their back to sleep, and not on their tummy or sides.

There are several reasons why sleeping on the back is considered the best sleeping position for babies:

  1. It significantly reduces the risk of SIDS, the sudden, unexplained death of an otherwise healthy baby under one year of age.
  2. It ensures that your baby’s airway is clear and unobstructed, reducing any risks of suffocation.
  3. Babies can better regulate their body temperature when sleeping on their back.
  4. This position doesn’t obstruct your baby’s nose and mouth, making breathing easier.
  5. Babies placed on their backs are free to move their limbs, which support healthy motor development.
  6. And as a bonus fact, babies sleeping on their back are less prone to stuffy noses, ear infections, and fevers, too!

Sleeping On The Sides: A Position To Consider?

The answer is NO; it is not the best newborn sleeping position, at least not until your little one is older than 4 months. Research shows that sleeping on the side is not safe and doesn’t offer any benefits whatsoever. By putting your little one to sleep on their side, you’re simply making it easier for them to roll over on their tummy.

Some people mistakenly believe that laying a baby on their side can prevent choking – It’s a myth and nothing more. Babies sleeping on the back have a lower risk of choking than babies sleeping on their sides. Also, remember that babies are naturally gifted with automatic reflexes that help them cough up or swallow any spit-up, even while they’re sleeping.

But if your acrobatically gifted child rolls to their side on their own, even after you put them on their back, then there’s no need to worry. A baby that’s strong enough to roll comfortably over on their side is strong enough to roll back on their own too! This typically happens once your baby’s older than 4 months. But still, always lay them on their back till their first birthday!

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Sleeping On The Tummy: A Position To Avoid At All Costs!

Sleeping on the tummy, also known as prone sleeping, was a common practice in the past. However, it’s now strongly discouraged as a newborn sleeping position due to the increased risk of SIDS and other complications. Almost 49% of babies who die in their sleep are found on their tummies.

Here’s why this position can be so dangerous:

  1. Tummy sleeping can obstruct your baby’s airway and lead to difficulty breathing, increasing the risk of suffocation.
  2. It interferes with your baby’s ability to distribute heat throughout their body, leading to overheating – a leading cause of SIDS.
  3. Anything your baby spits-up can collect at the trachea, increasing their risk of choking.
  4. Tummy sleeping may also lead to your baby re-breathing the same air they exhaled, which can reduce oxygen and increase carbon-di-oxide in their body. This can be really dangerous and even fatal.

Best Sleeping Position For Baby After Feeding

Have you just fed the baby and are now wondering if you should put them to sleep right away? You can, once you get the baby to burp. Most parents are afraid of their child choking in their sleep after a feeding session. But if you put them to sleep the right way, there’s nothing to worry about.

Lay the baby on their back and elevate their head by just a small angle. You can use a soft cloth or a small baby pillow for the neck. And you have the best sleeping position for the baby after feeding! Don’t use a big pillow because that could strain their neck.

In conclusion, back is best! Sleeping on the back decreases the risk of SIDS considerably and has lots of benefits for your little one. While side sleeping isn’t exactly dangerous, your little one is worth the world to you, and the gamble of side sleeping is definitely not worth taking until the age of 4 months.

Then again, every baby is unique. In some cases, you might find that some newborn babies have a preference for sleeping on their sides. In such cases, you should always consult your paediatrician for guidance before taking any actions on your own. See you in another blog!

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Which sleeping position is best for newborns?

The best sleeping position for newborns is on their back. Placing newborns on their backs to sleep is widely recommended by healthcare professionals and organisations, as it significantly reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and ensures their airway remains unobstructed.



Is it OK for newborn to sleep on side?

Side sleeping can pose risks if the baby accidentally rolls onto their tummy during sleep, which increases the risk of SIDS. If you choose to let your newborn sleep on their side, ensure they are consistently supervised and consult your paediatrician.

What is the correct way to lay down a newborn?

Follow these steps when laying down a newborn:

  • Place them on a firm, flat sleep surface such as a crib mattress, covered by a fitted sheet.
  • Lay them down on their back.
  • Avoid placing any soft bedding, toys, or pillows in the crib, as they can pose suffocation hazards.
  • Finally, dress them in light, breathable clothing and ensure the room is at a comfortable temperature.
Can newborn sleep without swaddle?

Yes, newborns can sleep without being swaddled. If you choose to swaddle your newborn, make sure to leave enough room for their hips to move, and avoid swaddling too tightly. Swaddling should be discontinued as soon as the baby shows signs of rolling over, which is usually around 2 to 4 months of age.

Which is best sleeping position for gassy baby?

If your baby is experiencing discomfort from gas, placing them on their back to sleep can still be the safest option. However, here are a few strategies you can try:

  • Burping: Make sure to burp your baby after feeding to minimise the amount of swallowed air.
  • Gentle bicycle movement: Lay them on their back and move their leg in pedalling motion.
  • Tummy massage: Simply rubbing your little one’s tummy when they’re on their back can also help.
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